Saturday, August 9, 2014


If we were to consider the young people of, say, fifty years ago, the statement would be undeniably true in those days, sports was a predominantly a male pursuit. The girls were considered the faker sex and they were more concerned with how they look, thus the preference was for the beautiful clothes.

Nowadays, this statement is no longer true. There are as many games for girls as there are for boys. With the exception of some games like rugby, girls participate in almost all that boys play. In athletics, we see girls performing just as well as the boys, some even better. They jump, run, throw and generally enjoy the sporting events as much as the boys. In fact some girls are aggressive and highly competitive. I have seen girls elbowing one another in a basketball game, uttering unmentionable words when angry and shouting themselves hoarsely cheering or jeering the participants. So much for the myth that girls are weaker and not sports loving. They definitely revel in sport, with some exceptions. Anyway we can say the same for some of the boys too. Not all of them love sports and excel in it.

The female participation in sports has led to some previously unheard-of-phenomena. For example, the female participants in most international sports meets must each undergo a sex test. Imagine, a girl has to prove that she is a girl before she can participate. I suppose the controlling sport bodies have no choice but to conduct such tests. If we look at some of the female athletes of today, especially those from the East European countries, we would sympathies with the sport bodies. Some of these 'girls' are built more like men! It reflects on the extremes some countries have gone to just to produce medal-winning athletes. It is a kind of madness.

On the subject of clothes, we find that it is no longer a female domain. Boys love fancy clothes and the latest fashion just as much as girls. Departmental stores have sections devoted specially for the male. We have boys and men who are so label-conscious that they will not touch the 'inferior1 stuff. They could gladly spend anything for an in-style outfit just to impress the fairer sex. Clothes have means to gauge the status and the acceptability of a person. Faded blue jeans are 'in' with certain groups while outrageous 'new-wave' fashion has gripped others. In the fifties it was the teddy-boys' look. Then the hippies took over. After that, the types of clothes and fashion have proliferated beyond imagination. Now it is impossible for an average person to keep up with every bit of development in the fashion world.

If we ask who the people responsible for such preoccupation with clothes are, we can only point our fingers at the fashion designers and trend-setters. And who are these people who can sway the rest of the world? They are predominantly male. Designers, pop singers and other trend-setters are mostly male. It goes to show that our values are undergoing drastic changes.

Apart from this increasing female indulgence in sports and male indulgence in clothes, it can be said that are still some who subscribe to the old belief that boys prefer sports and girls prefer clothes. This belief is slowly being eroded away. The day will come when boys and girls will participate together in all kinds of pursuits without obvious preferences. Unisex saloons, woman soccer, male models walking on ramps are the modern developments—all pointing to the changing values in society.

So who and where we are. Fashion and sport are will always with us :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Of the many different relationships we form over the course of the life span, the relationship between parent and child is among the most important. A baby cries, a parent feeds him/her a baby snuggles, a parent hugs him/her. Day after day, night after night, mothers and fathers feed, wash, dress, and hold their babies. Gradually, the baby begins to expect that his/her parent will care for him/her when he/she cries. Gradually, parents respond to and even anticipate their baby's needs.

These elements form the basis for a developing relationship. When children move from infancy into toddlerhood, the parent-child relationship begins to change its focus. During infancy, the primary function of the parent-child relationship is nurturance, and much of the relationship revolves around the day-to-day demands of care giving feeding, sleeping, toileting, bathing. The attachment relationship develops out of these day-to-day interactions. As youngsters begin to talk and become more mobile during the second and third years of life, however, parents usually attempt to shape their child's social behavior. In essence, parents become teachers as well as nurturers, providers of guidance as well as affection. As the child grows up, the parent-child relationship changes and it can take many shapes depending on the behavior of the parents. Some parents are warm and accepting. They try to see things from the child’s perspective. This attitude of parents greatly enhances the attachment and these gestures of parents greatly strengthen the parent-child relationship. Children respect their parents more and also listen to what they say. In contrast, some other parents tend to be aloof, rejecting and critical. This strains the parent-child relationship because every child needs his/her parents’ attention and time. This attitude of parents causes the child to respond in the same way. This causes intolerance and lack of respect. There is a two category of the responsibilities we as a child !  

1. As we know we are have given schooling from the kindergarden, primary school,secondary school and also to the universities. We have given a lot of facilities to went to the school. So this is the time to make our parent happy when see us be a succesful person.

2.When we have our own job we not forgetten our parent's. For example like Hari Raya we also have to back to our hometown to visiting them that always waits for us for coming home. During Hari Raya we have to forgiveness each other to bond our family. 

As a child ! We have to respect our family !
 To grow a ''HAPPY FAMILY ''




As a human who live in the peace country we are always have to follow the rules ! As we know, everybody have their own rule. School,home, road and so on. Here I want to share rule as a student. Every morning we have to wake up ealier because it will suprises us to go to school early like the maxim says "Early bird's will get the worm".

Beside that we as a student have to find our objective to get well with the teacher's. For example we can to find our places at the front because it can be more  easier for us to understand what the teacher tell's about. Second, we have be more disciplined this means we have to find someone wise and smart and choosing to follow them. To be disciplined is to follow in a good or the better way.

Listening is also the best way for us to keep focus on what we want to learn about. In clases we have keep focusing  if we doesn't want to miss it out. Always keep rise your hand if you doesn't know about anything, especially the question. If you don't know you can ask your friend or other wise you can to rise you hand. To be a good student you have to do your best work and you can't to say 'ICAN'T TEACHER ! I DON'T KNOW MISS !' It will make you miss out.  Student life is also have to take risk and make the mistake. It will be our lesson and we also can fix it to be more better.



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Tuesday, August 5, 2014




 Assalamualaikum and Hi EveryBody ! Today i want to share something that i think interesting to share with all of you who was read my entry. Here i want to share a story about how nowdays and before this we "BECOMING AN ADULT". I have simply that can say its the way a person live but certain other socio-cultural factors which may influence lifestyle to some extent. If i compare before & nowdays lifestyle i can see "sky-land" difference. I can across a few accident which make me think about this topic. 

Before this all off the children are not disclosed to the technological advances , like nowdays. Before of this children are intoduced to the games that all the children nowdays that i think some off that doesn't know about the tradisional games that our mother and father play. Like 'batu seremban', 'tuju tin', ulong and so on.
                                            'TUJU TIN'

                                    'BATU SEREMBAN'

But there is a drastic change lifestyle of the youth today's.  A new born baby also abserve to the world's changing lifestyle. You also can try to imaging now how's the kids in age of 4-5 years have their own Facebook, Twitter and the most famous social-networking site Instagram. For example you also can seacrhing by youself the account Instagram @OfficialBreanYounHe the most famous kids in the social networking now. She is the one who's "Trending" in the Instagramers. She has the followers is about 569k followers. So you also can to try to imaging the changes lifestyles nows and before. 

I am more concern about the changing lifestyle which can even make us more sophisticated and arrogant by neglecting simple human values and i'm sure one fine days our kids will ask about trees ,an autorickshaw,pen,paperanimals and so on. and we can just show it on the picture. 


TQ for reading :)