Thursday, October 9, 2014

WEEK 12 :

Man to Lead Woman to Follow

 This is a very ticklish question. Eyebrows will look down upon the very question. The question aims at equality between man and woman. It cannot be blind equality. Nature has endowed man with certain capabilities and capacities, which are not found in woman. Man also cannot claim some capacities peculiar to woman. Thus we speak of manly strength and feminine grace.

 Now late in the twentieth century to say that man sound lead may should absurd. But in what he should lead lies the answer. Then there won’t be any controversy. Man by his nature is given to hard work involving physical strength and also to be great extent, physical endurance. Woman, as a rule are denied his physical strength. So, man has been a fighter all along and these fighting qualities have always been in demand. So many came to be a leader. Exploring, pioneering, climbing, fighting and such of these require many courage, bravery and hardihood. Then society needed them badly. Man became the leader.

Woman as a rule, are the best homemakers. Their sense of duty, humility and patience make them really the authority in the house. Their feminine touch has a lot to go in bringing up children. If a country needs good youngsters, it is to the mothers it has to look to. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. Man and woman are thus complimentary and supplementary to each other and it will be useless to decide who leads whom.

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