Thursday, October 9, 2014


The black sheep of the family
He was different from his brothers. He was not a smart boy with a genious' mind. He was not a sportsman too. He was just a normal kid, but his parents did not want him to be one. They expected him to be as good as his brothers.
"Jack!" he turned around as he heard his name being called. His friend, Chris ran to him. "Did you see the notice board? Your brother is the top scorer in our school again and I heard that your second brother won first place in the All Penang 100 Meters Race, right?" Jack's face darkened. " Yeah, Yeah" was all that he said.

Such a conversation was one that he heard all the time and he knew where it would lead to. His parents always compared him to his brothers and he was fed up with this. All the people around him always told him to his brothers. He tried but failed. He could not run fast and he was not a top scorer at school academic work either. However, he dearly loved music. He could write and produce songs in his early age of ten, but his parents would not accept it. They thought that music was not a money-spinner and he would not be able to make a living from it.
On the day the SPM results were announced, his father was mad at him because he did not score straight A's like his brothers. To make matters worse, he ignored his father, played his guitar as cool as a cucumber as though it was nothing a she knew that he had tried his best and he was satisfied with his results unlike his father. "Jack, what do you think you are doing? Can't you just concentrate on your studies? Look at these results, and you are calm enough to play your guitar. You are so easily satisfied. I tell you Music will get you NOWHERE!"
Jack was very angry but he kept silent. "I've had enough! Give me your guitar."said his father as he seized Jack’s guitar and smashed it into hundreds pieces. As the guitar broke, so did Jack's heart. "Dad" his voice trembling. "Why can't you face the truth? I'm not my brothers. I can't do what they do. I love my music. It means the world to me. Why can't you let me do what I like. I'm leaving."

After the incident, his life changed. His new friends introduced him to liquor such 
as whisky and even drugs like Marijuana, Shabu-shabu and Ecstacy. All these made him forgot about his sorrow and kept him happy. After months of addition he became thin like a skeleton. Sometimes, he even had to steal to pay for his expensive habit.
One day, he was found on a street lying unconscious after being beaten up. He had been caught red-handed, stealing goods at a mini market. He was rushed to the hospital. When he woke up, he saw his parents' worried faces and thought that he had to be dreaming, but he was not! His family advised him to go to the rehabilitation centre. At first, he rejected their suggestion, but after he noticed his father's usually-strict face change to a worried one, he relented.
Life in the center was very hard. He nearly suicide as he could not stand the aftereffect when he did not use the drugs. However, his family always supported him and with it, he made through the nightmare. He turned over a new leaf and furthered his study taking a course in music. His parents were not as strict as before. He started to relax and have fun with the family. At the end of his course, he surprised his family as he received top grades at the University.
Ten years later, as he stood on the platform with a Grammy Best Music Producer Award in his hands, he said " First of all, I would like to thank my parents who have been giving me support and advice. To my brothers whom have been helping me along the way, thank you for everything. Lately, I want to advice everyone not to give up your dreams. Face the ups and downs of your life bravely and remember, everyone came to this world with their own talents. So, trust and be confident in yourselves. Succeed then is in your hand."

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